Tribute to Jeena Kumari

Meeting my Wife or shall I say my Life Jeena Kumari in August 1990 having been introduced to me by Lord Eric Sugumugu for a musical project, was a complete new page in my life spiritually, mentally and an eye opener into what life was really all about. I started to appreciate things that I had once taken for granted in our world and also transformed my knowledge of music by her introduction of World Music to me from my previous narrow mindedness of music being either Western or African Music. Working with Jeena in the production of her Indian hit CD “Lambada”on Prestige Records, herself a pianist and accordionist, gave me the credentials of gradually becoming a World Music arranger and producer.
I became involved in her talent which took us to music from Turkey, Egypt, China, Russia and the Indian Continent to mention just a few including Western Pop and Dance music. Being a multi-lingual Artist I was able to also indulge her in Jazz and some African music to grace some of my concerts.

Her kind heart and love for everybody regardless of race background or status plus lots of charity work for both Save The Children and other charities strengthened her conviction to becoming such a unique Artist. I salute her artistry and contribution to what she has given me and the World.
Today I am a better person and a better Musician thanks to JEENA KUMARI.

JEENA KUMARI (Writer, Arranger, Producer, Singer, Actor, Musician and Performer)

The Great Indian Musical Director Mr. Naushad Ali once described Jeena Kumari’s voice as “Golden and Silky” and had a range that no piano had been invented to give backing to her voice. He was a great admirer of her voice among other top Musical Directors who worked with her over the years.

Jeena Kumari’s career started early at the age of eight while in college singing and acting in school concerts and plays. By the end of her education there was a lot of work offered for playback singing and lead roles in dramas and films like “Miss X”, “Chandani” and “Kamala” to mention just a few. This was the beginning of her professional career. Among these new roles was her signing up by EMI Records for playback singing in “Naye Loag” and many more including recording deals for record and cassette releases like “Menu Lay Chal” a traditional Punjab hit even today. She went on to release others like “Gari No 66” in 1983 and her award winning hit “Dil Hai Be Qarar” in 1984. Although already a well known face on TV for drama, Film and Singing, the hit “Dil Hai Be Qarar” was the turning point of her career. It was a hit both in India,Pakistan and Worldwide.This brought more status to her career both at home and abroad, including the most prestigious award from the music industry for worldwide sales and performance.

Jeena Kumari who had already been touring worldwide including the Far East, Middle East and Europe, started touring the UK as far back as 1979 with concerts in Manchester, Birmingham and London. Jeena set up base in London in 1985 with both PRS and Equity membership. “Disco Rani” was one of her early releases in the UK in 1990 and did very well worldwide and still gets regular airplay. Her involvement with Charity work led her to perform in concerts for Cancer and other causes including a Royal Command Performance in the presence of Princess Ann at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for the “Save The Children Fund” in 1993. It was such a success that it has had replays on both TV and Radio. Her performance of her hit song “Lambada” on Prestige Records produced and arranged by Ed Bentley her Husband was the climax of the concert. This has now become a worldwide hit on Radio TV and Films.

In recent years Jeena Kumari using her own skills as writer,arranger and producer collaborated with other writers and producers in the UK, Europe and the USA including duet recordings with the late star from Philadephia George Williams former Tymes lead singer and many more hits to be released in the New Year produced by some of the very best musical talents in the UK, Europe and the USA including tracks like “One Life”,” Hang On To A Dream”, “Flowers In The Snow”, “I Want To Really Really”, “Time We Shared” and many more. Jeena Kumari’s beauty, talent, warmth, love and devotion will forever be in our hearts and minds for decades to come. A Jeena Kumari Tribute Concert is to be announced soon featuring some of the Artists that she admired and worked with. Look out for postings.